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Swap & Derivative Advisory

Omnicap’s experienced team is qualified to act as a client’s Qualified Independent Representative (“QIR”) on derivative matters. We provide swap advisory clients with different levels of ongoing support depending on their specific needs. Some clients require ongoing valuation reporting, while other clients require us to review opportunities to enter into new swap and derivative contracts, novate existing contracts, and fully or partially terminate contracts. Our services include:

  • Swap structuring

  • Swap pricing advisory

  • Derivative full or partial terminations

  • Negotiated and competitive procurement

  • Negotiating ISDA Master Agreements, ISDA Schedules, Credit Annexes, and Confirmations

  • Novations

  • Providing technical support to bond counsel and assisting disclosure counsel

  • Certificates of fair pricing

  • Determining on/off market rates upon refundings, terminations, and novations

  • Mark-to-market valuation

  • GASB 53 analytics and reporting

  • GASB 72 CVA

  • LIBOR cessation transition to new replacement index for any LIBOR-based contracts

  • Deemed swap termination calculations

  • Derivative policy drafting, revisions, and amendments

For more information, or questions please contact:

(310) 318-3095


(310) 318-3094


(908) 507-0352

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