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Financial & Municipal Advisory

Omnicap is a registered Municipal Advisor with both the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) (#K0142) and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (#867-00683) and our municipal and financial advisory experience includes advising local issuers, cities, state agencies, and states on the issuance of tax-exempt, taxable, and tax-advantaged debt. Our experience includes short-term, long-term, fixed rate, floating rate, and synthetically fixed debt structures. Omnicap can serve as an issuer’s Independent Municipal Advisor Representative (IRMA) on any debt matters or proposals received from third parties. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive advisory services for competitive and negotiated transactions

  • Evaluation of funding options and method of sale

  • Development of marketing plan, including rating agency and credit presentations

  • Bond and debt sizing, cash flow modeling, and other debt structuring

  • Bond pricing advisory

  • Evaluation of need and economic benefit of credit enhancement

  • Underwriter compensation, syndicate structure, and designation policies

  • Transaction schedule management

  • Document review

  • Debt policy drafting, revisions, and amendments

  • Management of underwriter RFPs and selection

For more information, or questions please contact:

(310) 318-3095


(310) 318-3094


(908) 507-0352

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