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Investment Advisory & Management

Omnicap is a Registered Investment Advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (#133387) and we provide clients with investment advisory and fixed-income investment management services. Public finance often necessitates complex considerations in the investment of public funds and most municipal advisors are not registered investment advisors thereby lacking the necessary qualifications or experience with the principles of investing public funds. Working with an experienced investment advisor that understands the principles of investing public funds is critical in order to protect the principal of the investment, meet anticipated liquidity requirements, and achieve market yield. With experience dating back to 2004, Omnicap's investment advisory and fixed-income investment management practice focuses on creating custom-tailored services unique to each client’s specific needs. Our services include:

  • Investment Advisory

  • Fixed-income Investment Management for bond proceeds, operating funds, and other funds

  • Structuring investment portfolios for escrows, project funds, reserve funds, and other funds

  • Competitively bidding out refunding escrow, debt service fund, reserve fund, project fund, and surplus fund investment portfolios

  • Negotiating Guaranteed Investment Contracts, Investment Agreements, Forward Purchase/Delivery Agreements

  • Full or partial terminations of investment agreements

  • Portfolio review & structuring

  • Investment policy drafting, revisions, and amendments

For more information, or questions please contact:

(310) 318-3095


(310) 318-3094


(908) 507-0352

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