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Financial & Municipal Advisory.

We provide many different services and products for our municipal clients. We know the complexities of municipal debt issuance, as it is the nexus between finance and government. Municipal advisory services require expertise that runs the gamut from mathematical calculation to a deep understanding and implementation of applicable regulations. Acting as a fiduciary, we always put the client’s interests first when offering municipal and financial advice. More info

Investment Advisory Management.

Omnicap Group is a registered investment advisor and we employ multiple licensed and registered investment advisors working tirelessly for our clients. Public finance is not limited to the consideration and process of debt issuance alone, and often necessitates complex considerations in the investment of public funds. With federal regulations, municipal debt policies, market factors, powerful public offices, and ever-changing industry best practices, many firms find investment advisory particularly daunting and shy away from it. However, we feel that investment advisory in public finance is an opportunity to generate real benefit for our clients.

We use industry-leading data sources like our Bloomberg® terminals to better serve our clients while maintaining extremely low-cost services. We are often able to generate significant savings, stability, and security for our clients by helping them identify the most favorable portfolios for public funds. By incorporating our understanding of every aspect of debt issuance, we are able to match portfolio investment goals to factors that our clients are always on the lookout for: changing interest rates, market factors, drawdown schedules, and political initiatives. More info

Swap Advisory.

As public finance professionals, issuers, and reporting standards become more sophisticated, many issuers find themselves in situations where the complexities surrounding swaps can be, at times, a major problem and others a major help. To that end, we are eager to offer our services as swap advisors. Our experienced team members negotiate contracts, run complex calculations and modeling, and maintain highest-tier analytics to ensure that these powerful financial instruments are responsibly used by our clients. More info

Arbitrage Rebate.

Treasury regulations have certain requirements pertaining to tax-advantaged issuances, particularly investment of proceeds into higher-yielding instruments. These regulations require extremely complex and comprehensive analysis. Our team boasts a deep understanding of these regulations and the resultant calculations that are necessary for determination of arbitrage and yield restriction. We maintain perspective on every aspect of each issuance and are able to contemplate this critical, necessary aspect of municipal issuances throughout the rest of our clients’ engagement with us. Because of this, we are able to not just calculate but optimize arbitrage rebate and yield restriction considerations. More info

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